Russian Federation

Russian Federation

St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Design, development and supervision of the construction of a 10-ha state-of-the-art high-tech greenhouse, making use of Combined Heat Power units to supply heat, electricity for assimilation lights and CO2 to the greenhouse complex. Delivery of greenhouse agronomists and training of staff and workers. Production levels of 125 kg cucumber / m2 / per year were achieved.

Design, development and supervision of a storage and packhouse for vegetables produced by the greenhouse company Vyborzhets and traded by the Company Trading House of Vyborzhets.

Greenhouse Vyborzhets

Design of an apple storage facility in Volgograd region, Russian Federation with high tech Ultra Low Oxygen, ethylene scrubbing and loading docks.

Storage facility Volgograd

KSH has been involved in multiple projects in Russia. Turn-key projects have been realized for the production of roses and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, peppers, salad lines), cold storages, and distribution Center.

Overview of projects in Russian region

2008 Tikhvin Vesna LLC 5.000m2
2008 Saint Petersburg Vyborzhets 40.000m2
2009 Kireevsk Chekhof LLC 15000m2
2009 Saint Petersburg VyborghetsLLC 20.000m2
2010 Saint Petersburg Vyborghets 2500m2
2010 Sosnovi Bor Rosa ZAO 1600m2
2012 Sosnovi Bor Rosa ZAO Trouble shooting
2014 Saint Petersburg Agrofirm Vyborzhets Design
2015 Saint Petersburg Agrofirm Vyborzhets 200.000m2
2015 Saint Petersburg THV Distribution center
2016 Petersburg Agrofirm Vyborzhets 200.000m2
2016 Petersburg THV Distribution center
2017 Petersburg Agrofirm Vyborzhets 100.000m2

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