2020: This concerns the conceptual, technical and financial design of a 220 ha greenhouse project in a so-called agro- zone. In this zone individual land plots will be owned by private farmers to build low- medium- and high- technology greenhouses. On the land plot, the general infrastructures such as gas- electricity- water- drainage- road- connections will be developed by a government agency to stimulate the arrival of investors. Together with partner GeoHolding, a complete feasibility study was delivered, including the financing requirements and the up- and down-stream connections with investors, financing institutions and private investors.

In 2010 KSH supported the realization of a greenhouse project in Tbilisi (9000m2) for the production of pot plants. ABG & Profservice Group Ltd. was the founder of this project. KSH coordinated the complete project which has been finalized in 2011. The Dutch government supported this project of € 1,500.000 for 50%.

Overview of projects in Caucasus region

2020 Georgia Imereti IAZ 220 ha
2011 Georgia Tbilisi ABG Profservice 9000m2
2011 Armenia Yerevan Spayka Ltd Tendering/Bp
2011 Azerbaijan Baku ME Petrol FZE 100000m2

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